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Authenticity is the Key

In this world of social media, streaming entertainment, and online shopping; everything appears to gravitate toward the internet. As we fall deeper into the digital divide and get lost in our virtual life, there’s a growing hunger for genuine, honest, and authentic content.

Successful social media and video marketing influencers advance their message by offering what people crave… Authenticity.

Why Does Authenticity Work?

Our society depends on trust in our public and private institutions. That trust helps define our identity and behavior, making life predictable. In the current vacuum of social negativity, people are drawn to honest authenticity.

Why does social media authenticity work?

Every Frame Counts

Over the past 50-years, public trust in organizations, institutions, and each other has steadily declined. Distrust, discord, and deadlock, all fueled by corruption and scandal, amplified by social media and fake news; creates a decay of truth, loss of trust, and growing polarization of our social fabric.

As a result of greed, we have a sense of being lied to and taken advantage of. Betrayed by government, religion, and business; though a succession of lies and deception, all to protect or grow the bottom line.

This cloud of distrust can offer a break for those willing to step up and offer authentic, transparent, honesty.

Being authentic means staying true to who you are, what you do and who you serve. It’s not about attempting to spin a message, emulating the competition, or being more than you are.

Even if it’s a simple message, finding that authentic voice starts with focusing on your strengths. Get to the core mission and value of the goods or services your organization offers:

every frame counts in video marketing
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When focusing your message to represent the authentic approach, consider the following checklist:

Authenticity may not be an easy road to success, but it will build a sustainable path for success in the long run. People love leaders and businesses they can trust.