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Case Studies

Each client and every project has its own goals. Our case studies reflect a wide range of projects recently produced by our expert team.

US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants


“Immigration Court Explainer Animation”

A Federal agency that assists families and children in the process of immigrating to the United States and becoming citizens, the USCRI faced the challenge of speaking to children to calm and educate them on all of the different requirements and ways of life their new home country offers. Over a series of 21 different videos, BPI cast professional teen and early 20’s Spanish voice and on-camera talent. In this instance, because of the privacy and current pandemic security of immigration courtrooms, we had to animate the various settings and steps refugee and immigrant children would encounter on their first day in Immigration Court.

The Children's Inn at NIH

The Children’s Inn at NIH

“Resident Profile”

We needed to tell a brave little boy's story to a roomful of some of the most powerful corporations in the world at a national gala. Shooting logistics for this piece were challenging, as several scenes were shot in clinical facilities. Extreme care had to be taken to comply with all safety measures crucial to complying with an environment that is a temporary home for children often with weakened immunological systems. Careful and gentle direction enabled us to convey the extremely personal story of this child’s medical journey. This final video put the single evening's Gala donations over $1 Million net for the first time ever.

Designated Drinker Show

Designated Drinker Show

“Drink Mix Recipe Series”

From the popular audio podcast, we enjoyed the opportunity to visually bring to light some of their most delicious craft cocktails! Utilizing a quick fire video style while keeping videos to under sixty-seconds, we applied the Designated Drinker Show look and branding to bring fun and excitement to each delicious demonstration. Utilizing overhead cameras matched to our mains, we were able to vary up the scenes in rapid pace to add visual interest to the finished video series.

BAC Logo

Big Aye Candy

“Short Film Series”

Sometimes we just want to have a little fun, so we took some of the story ideas we occasionally come up with during lunch hour (or happy hour) and put them together with our own production flair. In addition to writing all of the content, we also enjoyed casting and recording all of the narrators and voiceover artists from a diverse talent pool across the nation. The variety of approaches is what gives the series it’s wide range of viewer appeal.

Stratford University

Stratford University

Style Guide Development & Design

After 40 years, this client desperately needed to update and unify their brand and all related assets. BPI was able to design and redesign every element, all backed up through thorough research and focus groups into the psychographics their target potential students identified closest with. Then we not only put together an ever expanding official style guide, but traveled to each campus to train key contacts in how best to utilize it in their daily needs. This resulted in dramatically higher brand awareness and the first time in 40 years of being able to cross support the university’s identity across media ranging from print, TV, web/online, radio, and social media. We then built and launched the official merchandising store for the university, complete with a constantly updated offerings list, targeted demographic promotion, and full ecommerce solutions built in.

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