how to make a great first impression

First Impressions

An old production friend of mine used to say, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

While some might slough this off as common-sense dribble, I would ask us all to repeat those words at least once every day, preferably as you slug down that first coffee of the morning.

meeting with clients

Maybe you are going to be visiting a new client today? Or interviewing for a new job? Or meeting your potential new in-laws? The first 5 seconds you enter their office, home, or personal space will most assuredly set up the dynamic that will govern the rest of your meeting. So, here’s a handy little checklist that will set you up better than others if you simply adhere to it.

checking social media

This little list is applicable in pretty much any personal interaction you will have. But just like a bad “As-Seen-On-TV-Infomercial”, hang on for the… “But wait! There’s more!!!”

These are not difficult guidelines, but in 25 years of business I’m still amazed at the sheer amount of people who lose a client, fail a job interview, get passed up for a promotion, or get enlisted to partner on a task, project, or more simply because they weren’t paying attention to these simple core principles. And everything in them translates into personal interactions as well. So there… a two-fer! You’re welcome.

Now I must get back to my "Facey Spaces" profile update. Which pouty lip selfie should I choose? Hmmm...

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