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The team at Big Picture, inc. have you covered. Over the decades our production team has worked in the industry, there’s very little we haven’t done or run across.

From making tax information interesting, being in the operating room documenting live robotic surgery, demonstrating live train crossing hazards, executive producing live galas netting over $1 million in a single evening, to working on feature films, we’ve done quite a bit.

These experiences offer valuable insight and skill to create great video tailored to your brand and message, even with the most visually challenging industries and content.

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We've become video experts in the following industries.

Commercial Video
  • Television and internet ad spots
  • Product sales and explainers
  • Special events
  • New product announcements
Corporate Video
  • Branding campaigns
  • Training videos
  • Annual Reports
  • Corporate Culture & Community
Entertainment Production
  • Documentaries
  • Music videos
  • Web series production
  • Television series production
  • Organization branding
  • Mission education
  • Fundraising awareness
  • Highlight impact
  • Organization updates / newsletters
  • Event roll-out promotion
  • Educational
  • CRM (interactive)
Social Media
  • Audience engagement
  • Branding campaigns
  • Behind the scenes
  • Testimonials

Big Picture Understands Core Corporate Industry Sectors

Information Technology

BPI has years of experience in not only bringing technological-based messages to the wider, non-technical focused general public, but also helping IT firms to coordinate and introduce their products and services in more appealing and relatable ways.

We’ve helped bring subset areas such as carrier-class connectivity, colocation, cloud, cybersecurity, and commitment to the forefront of the sales offerings, and enabled IT firms to realize better than predicted growth due to more cohesive branding and marketing messaging.

Clients include: CenturyLink, Vion, Deltek, SafeNet, Tygart Technology.

Medical & Public Health

BPI has a long history of serving the needs of different medical providers. We’ve created campaigns of videos to recruit key staffing positions for major hospitals. We’ve animated complex surgical and dental procedures for patient education. We’ve put together lifelike reenactments of trauma nurse incidents, including trauma makeup, set design, and technically correct direction of all on-camera participants. And we’ve even suited up in sterile bunny suits to document the newest in robotic surgery techniques during actual live operating room procedures.

Clients include: The Center for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, Virginia Hospital, National Hispanic Medical Association, George Washington Medical Faculty Associates

Higher Education

BPI took a smaller accredited university that was advertising essentially on a trade-school curriculum and transformed it into a world class international university.

We built student recruitment messaging for the different schools of study.

We rebuilt their entire 280+ page website from the ground up.

We addressed and fixed their broken social media outreach to achieve never before equalled levels of engagement And we rebranded the entire university from their 40+ year history by in-depth researching, defining, and authoring a comprehensive style guide adopted by every school and department over all physical and online campuses.

Clients include: Howard University, Stratford University, Infocomm International

Consumer Retail Markets

BPI has deep levels of experience in producing effective content for consumer markets. We’ve worked both direct with companies as well as their agencies in tailoring the messaging to capture larger market segments and support growth objectives.

We are well-versed in working with the internal style and branding assets and provisions of some of the nation’s largest companies.

Clients include: Toyota, Verizon, Macy’s, Black & Decker, CenturyLink, Burger King, Ford, Cox, DEWALT, LexisNexis, McCormick Spice, Nissan, PPG, the Better Business Bureau, Thompson Creek.

National & Regional Non-Profit

BPI has been tasked with developing and strategically deploying the missions of several charities, philanthropic, and no-for-profit entities.

We’ve crafted messaging that is custom-tailored to specific demographically-targeted audiences.

Clients include: The Children's Inn at NIH, The Salvation Army National Capital Area Command, Melwood, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), Operation Lifesaver, the Professional Insurance Association (PIA), Veterans Housing Administration, the Washington DC Police Foundation.

Transportation & Industrial

BPI has shot high-end video on-location in over 20 states. We’ve traveled and captured scenery, interviews, action and b-roll in scorching heat, rough seas, and on top of snow capped mountains. We documented paraplegic extreme skiing in Breckenridge, Colorado.

We’ve been suspended off the side of an oil rig off the coast of Galveston, Texas to document the effects of seawater on corrosion-resistant conduit.

We’ve ridden aboard freight trains in Missouri, Texas, Virginia, and more. We’ve reenacted snowmobile safety in the deep woods of Pennsylvania.

We’ve been in steel and metal factories from Indiana to Alabama while filming extremely dangerous live liquid metal pours and castings.

We’ve even filmed amidst herds of wild buffalo and elk in Montana and Wyoming.

Clients include: Union Pacific (railroad), Pitt-Ohio (trucking), Precision-Marshall (steel), Nucore (steel), RobRoy (corrosion conduit), Ocal (tubing fabrication).

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