Commercials… they’re not just for television anymore.

The thirty or sixty-second commercial spot is most effective when you're marketing a specific product, event, or building a business brand. Strategically placed spots used for television, social media, or web marketing campaigns can quickly and measurably boost visibility and brand awareness.

Applying exacting technical standards demanded in broadcast level productions, BPI provides proven and consistent professional results. From design to delivery, with every creative and logistical step covered, we've earned our reputation to successfully define and refine your message.

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How much does a television commercial cost?

It’s much more affordable than you may think.

Years ago, having your own commercial was considered the premier marketing option, because it was an expensive option to consider. Production gear was complex and costly, while buying broadcast television ad time made it exponentially more so. Thanks to the digital revolution with less expensive, higher quality production gear, and pay-per-click internet ads, costs are much more affordable.

Why can’t anyone just tell me what it costs?

Anyone promising a flat rate package isn’t doing you any favors. It’s similar to buying a product off-the-shelf. Do you want one of what everyone else is buying? That’s no way to stand out when trying to capture attention in an ever growing and competitive market.

The one qualitative cost is ad time. For example, here’s a list of general ad rates for various outlets:

Local TV: $5-$10 per 1,000 views

National TV: $115,000

YouTube: $10-$30 per 1,000 views

Hulu: $20-$40 per 1,000 views.

Those rates will increase or decrease based on time of day, programming, target audience, geographic location, supply and demand, and time of year. The best example of this are the infamous Super Bowl ads

Video production is a complex specialty craft with hundreds of moving parts and options. Ad placement can be equally challenging, making it part science, experience, and part art form.

Big Picture doesn’t offer cookie-cutter flat rates. Rates are quoted on a case-by-case basis depending upon the needs of each client and project. Our goal is to create a true partnership to optimize your investment and provide the highest ROI while producing the highest quality production possible.

In general, the total cost can range greatly depending on many key factors, including:

Shooting in-studio or on-location

Location permits and releases

Shooting additional b-roll

Amount of research and scriptwriting

Pro voiceover or on-camera talent

Number of actors or extras

Amount of graphics or animation

Music and footage licensing

Production turnaround time

On-camera or digital special effects

Aerial footage cinematography

Total number of commercial spots

Fifteen, thirty, or sixty-second spots

Ad run volume and duration

Regional, national, or internet placement

Focused demographic placement



“Roll-out Commercial”

Reaching millions of viewers nationwide, the recent pandemic required efficient solutions, and we were able to promote the effort in record time. We distributed a series of these spots for debut in target cities across the nation where the need for vaccination urgency was greatest. As a result, increases in public awareness and participation were reported in the selected markets.

Stratford University

Stratford University

“Chef Rush Commercial”

What do you get when you combine an alumni who was the White House Chef and a national personality with our storytelling ability? A message of educational empowerment. The client wanted to share Chef Rush’s message of inspiration to encourage potential students. As a result, the university reached full enrollment in their culinary programs within 2 weeks of this commercial’s first airing.

Stratford University

Stratford University

“School of Nursing Commercial”

One of the toughest yet rewarding careers is professional nursing. To support the urgency of need, Stratford University turned to BPI to create a realistic feel for what nursing actually entails. Our creative approach involved everything from building a realistic hospital set with accurate equipment and wardrobe to special effects makeup that simulated lifelike wounds and injuries for our “patient”. The spot solidified the university’s standing and referrals for both the RN and BSN programs within their School of Nursing.

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