When you need to communicate with clients, staff or employees, video is a powerful tool.

Today’s corporate culture is hyper-focused on delivering targeted messaging via the most efficient methods available. And the largest population of these companies is media-savvy individuals. People who consume information and entertainment from a wide swath of sources. In times of informational data overload, only the most eye-catching messaging hits its mark. Therefore it’s no coincidence that the core mission of Big Picture, Inc. supports this culture.

The brain processes video 60,000 times faster than it does text.

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When it comes to training, people tend to remember only 20% of what they read, compared to 80% of what they see and do.

Reading Comprehension
Audio-Video-Motion Comprehension

*Based on a one-day, 8-hour training session for fifty employees, spending an average of $154 per employee, with five employees flying or driving in from out of town.

85% of every dollar spent on corporate classroom training is spent delivering it.

For example, when Microsoft decided to use video instead of classroom training, their costs reduced from $320 per person to just $17 per person.

Turning your instructor-led training into a video ensures no detail is missed. Every employee receives the same focused information, with the flexibility to view it on their schedule, at their location, as often as they need.

The best part… Turning your training into video saves you time, money and resources!

Whether you have one location with many employees, or several offices around the globe, consolidating your message into a thoughtful, focused, and personal video presentation can dramatically augment your impact.

Corporate Mission and Culture

Business is about people working together to achieve long-term visions and daily goals. Corporate culture defines how they get there. Corporate mission defines the goals of what is to come.

Big Picture coordinates on multiple levels with corporate goals.

First we summarize, then share that message with employees, job seekers, even the public. This will further help to define your brand. It can also provide the opportunity to highlight the personality and focus for your organization.

Training and Demonstration

When it comes to training for specific job skills, or delivering a company message to your entire employee base, nothing is more cost effective and efficient as video.

Big Picture can help you save money while staying current.

For example, if you are rolling out your company policy book, and then say an unexpected event, such as a national pandemic, occurs? Since this would likely change certain safety procedures in the workplace, or even broaden that area to telecommuting, you would need to update your message.

If your existing handbook is  a traditional print piece, you now have thousands (perhaps tens of thousands) of out-of-date hunks of dead tree products to throw away.

But with video, we simply bring appropriate talent in to cover whatever additions or revisions are necessary, edit them into your existing digital employee video handbook, and republish them online to replace your previous versions. Instantly you are up-to-date with minimal cost, and no waste to dispose of and figure out how to write off.

Human Resource and Policy Support

Current employees and new hires should have a wide range of online corporate training materials at their fingertips. Everything from explaining your company’s vision, mission, procedures, and protocols, to corporate software app instruction.

All of these increase the chances of each employee’s success with your organization.

Big Picture acts as a fantastic HR integration tool. 

Effective Human Resources also functions to cultivate recruitment and new hires. A lot of the recruiting material from a company will be seen and shared with the potential applicant’s family and friends.

Safety and Instructional

For years, workplace safety standards in the United States have improved due to increased attention on the welfare of each employee. Part of this effort though has resulted in a more litigious environment, often causing increased informational requirements for firms to comply with.

Big Picture understands the balance between thoroughness and efficiency in regards to workplace safety protocols.

For example, in a large company, you simply can’t take a thousand employees off the factory floor for an hour each just to have them read a new binder of OSHA laws on avoiding a particular safety hazard. But with video, you can create a short piece that your entire staff can view quickly on their smartphones or computer terminals.

This not only minimizes employee downtime, but ensures that everyone is seeing a uniform message that is also branded on behalf of a corporate culture that values employee safety and security.

Highlights of Community Involvement

Many organizations understand that one of the most effective methods of long term growth is establishing visible ties to the communities they reside in. Whether it's a factory or a non-profit, public awareness drives word of mouth references.

Big Picture produces video that connects corporations to citizens.

When the community at large can see video examples and testimonials of the companies who want to become part of the fabric of the towns and cities they inhabit, the doors of public support open wider. And not only does acceptance elevate, but so does interest in community support, from more employment applications to purchases of goods and services of these firms.

Energized Annual Report Visuals

In order to grow, companies take on investors and partners. So it is crucial for continued expansion that those who support these companies be provided updated and well-presented evidence of the health of their investments.

Big Picture lives up to its name in relaying critical information.

In a sea of stock reports printed on newspaper stock and horribly designed visual slides, video cuts through to the passions and focus of those who financially support the organizations that they do. Further, video is more mobile than other report visuals, able to be saved, shared, and presented to others via something as simple and common as an investor’s phone or tablet.

Take a look at what Big Picture has done for past clients.



“20v MAX Product Line Reveal”

The national brand that pioneered "Guaranteed Tough" needed a sure fire delivery for it's new industrial tool line. We produced the series that launched sales from thousands of retailers across the U.S. and Canadian markets. Shot on-location in active residential and commercial job sites under tight time availability and tricky logistical challenges, Big Picture was able to show the range of the entire product line.

Virginia Hospital Center

Virginia Hospital Center

“Staff Recruitment”

The client had to find a way to better recruit top talent in the highly competitive healthcare industry. In response, BPI created a series of videos depicting career profiles across a broad spectrum of these in-demand healthcare related positions. Our videos were the principal initial engagement engine driving what turned out to be a largely successful recruitment campaign.

Century Link


“Government Services Explainer”

As new employees, contractors, and vendors join the organization, a clean visual reference was needed to highlight the various sectored IT service offerings. In addition to core business lines, the client wanted to show their global reach in specific applications. BPI put together a set of tiered internal use videos, utilizing live footage, graphics, and animation to convey specific points of interest.



“Community Involvement”

The task was to bring awareness of a company that does the same for its own clients. Prior to shooting, we sat down with several principals at the company and pre-interviewed them to gain a solid understanding of what they do through a series of past performance reviews. Effectively we did a deep dive with their internal marketing team. Then when we produced the video, we highlighted key points that opened up broader discussions of their capabilities, resulting in increased client engagements for our client.

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