Big Picture Has Practical Experience Developing and Producing Entertainment Television.

How does a show get made? How can it get to an audience? How does it make money?

These are the questions that many have when they want to take the idea rolling around in the back of their head and bring it to life. We all see what’s out there in the movie theaters, the TV, and the streaming services. But what most people don’t know is how to start. And how to actually see it through, turning that idea into something you can share with the world.

From concept to delivery, our team has practical experience in the production of entertainment content for broadcast and web delivery. Applying the exacting standards demanded by broadcasters and streaming services, we can help prepare and produce your project for unlimited potential.

If you have the idea and funding, BPI can become a thoughtful production partner to help bring your vision to reality.

A few of the projects our team has worked on include:

Network Television Series

Full-Length Feature Films

National Cable Television Series

Full-Length Documentaries

PBS Television Series

Audio & Video Podcast Series

Live Cable & Broadcast Television Shows

YouTube Web Series

Our one-stop shop production services excel every step of the way.

Concept Development
On-Camera & Vocal Talent
Full-service Sound Stage
Field Production
Color Pass and Correction
Audio Sweetening
Graphics Packages
Closed Captioning
Pitch Treatments
Demo Reels
Micro and Mobile Video
Full-Length Pilots
Television Series
Short Films
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Partnering with an experienced, fun to work with production company like Big Picture offers the greatest opportunity for success with any production.

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Ready to have some fun? Enjoy a few of our entertainment productions!

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Big Aye Candy

“Mini Movie Series”

Sometimes we just want to have a little fun, so we took some of the story ideas we occasionally come up with during lunch hour (or happy hour) and put them together with our own production flair. Applying a feature film look and style, with extra details like dramatic music and sound effects, our goal was creating a high quality simple story to share. In addition to the original creative writing in every mini movie, we also enjoyed casting and recording all of the narrators and voiceover artists from a diverse talent pool across the world. The variety of stories we were able to create, hopefully appeals to a wide range of viewers around the world.

Big Bad Juju

Big Bad JuJu

“Music Video”

The band wanted a simple representation of what they sounded and looked like for when event planners wanted to book them. With 4 musicians, it was important to keep every visual and corresponding sound in tight knit synchronicity. Shot after hours on one of our stages, we were able to turn the entire video around in just a day.



“Television Series Pitch”

Most people have relationships with their various (furry) friends, and nowadays want to include them in as many aspects of their life as possible. So we took that concept and developed it into a fun web series. We got to do yoga with goats, live feed alligators, and hang out with pretty much every non-human we could each season! We teamed with the host, researching the locations, people, and pets that comprise the show.

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