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Thanks to the power of social media, your website, and email newsletters, all provide perfect platforms to share and promote any video you create.

When promoting an event, spreading your message, introducing your organization, or fundraising, BPI has the documented experience and proven, repeated success working with non-profits on a variety of missions.

Video is an excellent way for non-profit organizations to:

Announce benefits and fundraise

Reveal announcements

Share stories

Highlight impact

Increase awareness

Mission education

Showcase staff

Communicate with supporters

Big Picture understands the challenges facing non-profit organizations.


First there is the element of time. Often there are events or specific calls to action that coincide with narrow windows of calendar opportunity. 

That’s why Big Picture establishes specific and detailed production calendars at the start of each video. By identifying dates that are tied to key production milestones, the accuracy of timely delivery is reinforced between the non-profit and BPI. It’s why we refer to our relationships as partnerships'.


Second is the element of variables. Because many nonprofits rely on some staff and board members that are voluntary, their availability may be somewhat limited due to other employment schedules and locational access.

With Big Picture, you get a production partner that has been coordinating challenges like this for two decades now.

We understand that by asking extra questions up front at the planning stage, we can overcome these potential setbacks before they even occur.

Checkout what we've done for our non-profits clients.

US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants


“Immigration Court Explainer Animation”

A Federal agency that assists families and children in the process of immigrating to the United States and becoming citizens, the USCRI faced the challenge of speaking to children to calm and educate them on all of the different requirements and ways of life their new home country offers. Over a series of 21 different videos, BPI cast professional teen and early 20’s Spanish voice and on-camera talent. In this instance, because of the privacy and current pandemic security of immigration courtrooms, we had to animate the various settings and steps refugee and immigrant children would encounter on their first day in Immigration Court.

The Children's Inn at NIH

The Children’s Inn at NIH

“Resident Profile”

We needed to tell a brave little boy's story to a roomful of some of the most powerful corporations in the world at a national gala. Shooting logistics for this piece were challenging, as several scenes were shot in clinical facilities. Extreme care had to be taken to comply with all safety measures crucial to complying with an environment that is a temporary home for children often with weakened immunological systems. Careful and gentle direction enabled us to convey the extremely personal story of this child’s medical journey. This final video put the single evening's Gala donations over $1 Million net for the first time ever.

Jackson-Feild Behavioral Health

Jackson-Feild Behavioral Health Services

“Organization Profile”

The challenge was to tell and deliver the background and mission of a remarkable organization that helps at-risk children to the legal system that needs to refer them. Several of the people were naturally apprehensive about appearing on-camera at first, and it was with empathetic coaching that we were able to capture their stories on video. The finished production is being used within the courts for counselor and judicial referrals to better placement of the adolescents.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army

“Organization Profile”

The National Capital Band of the Salvation Army fosters faith and safe community for at-risk youth through its music programs, while imparting musical skills that can translate into overall growth and excellence. While interviewing one of the orchestra members, he suddenly opened up to a much more serious story than either the client or we had expected. Realizing the importance of filming it to share with others who would take comfort in seeing it, we silently switched gears in the field, readjusting lighting and angles on the fly to provide the right feel for what this young man wanted to discuss with the audience.

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