Everyone has a podcast.

When it comes to audio or video podcasting, Big Picture can help you stand ahead of the pack.

Nowadays you can find a podcast on anything, from stock portfolio investing to interviews with Himalayan rollerbladers.

Take your topic direct to your pinpointed audience. Reach your constituents. Connect with your fans and sound great doing it! From a single person show to a live streamed panel discussion with active call in routing, BPI can scale for YOUR unique podcast needs.

Over 90% of all podcasts produced end up with audience shares of less than 100 subscribers. In other words, they fail.

It’s not the subject matter that dooms their exposure. Rather it is most often lousy production qualities. Having a podcast that is produced by amateurs in a kitchen with bargain equipment by people who don’t know what they’re doing.

To cut through the static of awkward and amateur level shows, a podcast has to match or exceed the production qualities that we are all exposed to in other forms of media.

It has to sound as great as a well-produced radio show.
It has to look as good as a well-produced TV show.
It needs to be… you guessed it... well produced.

That’s where Big Picture comes in. It isn’t just our thousands upon thousands of dollars of high end microphones. Or our top-of-the-line beyond 4K broadcast cameras. Or our best in class editing bays, where everything comes together. No, it needs one other element.

You need the right personnel. Professional producers who can coach you through the process. Help you refine not only what you say, but how you say it. Experienced guidance. Expert collaboration. So your first show out of the box is phenomenal!

Video Podcast Case Studies

The video podcast is a great option for your in-depth messaging and promotion.

It provides an opportunity to share knowledge, insight, and expertise, while positioning your company and staff as industry experts.

Designated Drinker Show

Designated Drinker Show

“New Orleans Video Podcast Series”

We traveled to New Orleans to interview the man behind the Peruvian brand that's bringing Pisco to the U.S. market.

Designated Drinker Show

Designated Drinker Show

“ICON Series”

We sat down with one of the most prolific personalities in the world of whiskey. Boozy banter indeed!

Audio Podcast Case Studies

The traditional approach in the podcast world, audio podcasts can be listened to simultaneously while doing other things such as driving, surfing the web, or just hanging out enjoying down time.

Patriot Spaces Logo White
Product Introduction Podcast
Patriot Spaces

Patriot Spaces

“Product Introduction Audio Podcast”

Detailing up-to-date technical provisions in CDC-compliant medical patient pods, BPI was tasked to convey one company’s solution to a growing problem facing the healthcare industry. We traveled to the secure facility where these ingenious pods are designed, fabricated, and shipped to, including surgical centers and containment areas for addressing pandemic-related space shortage concerns.

DDS White
Full-Length Audio Podcast Series
Designated Drinker Show

Designated Drinker Show

“Full-Length Audio Podcast Series”

Zak Miller :: Baking and Pastry Instructor :: New Orleans Culinary and Hospitality Institute (NOCHI) We sat down with an award winning and highly regarded Culinary Instructor at the crowded annual Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. To add to the realism, we recorded the interview in a live commercial event kitchen where both students and show attendees were listening in.

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