Social Media is the new frontier in marketing and promotion.

Social media is interwoven into almost every aspect of our lives. We use it to see reviews on where we should dine. What we should buy, Which shows to see. And who to pay attention to.

Most importantly, social media is the way we communicate. People keep in touch via social media more often than they do by traditional mail, email, and phone calls combined.

As technology advances, it’s video that is driving social media viewership.We are no longer content to read, or even hear a voice. Today we must see video of all that we consume. And viewership among sites such as YouTube, Rumble, and TicTok are at all time highs. The ability to be heard is dependent upon the message you have, and how well you present it.

Social media is interwoven into almost every aspect of our lives. We use it to see reviews on where we should dine. What we should buy, Which shows to see. And who to pay attention to.

If you’re not posting videos for your social media channels on a regular basis, you’re missing an amazing opportunity to build your audience, while directly enhancing your brand.

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Internet Use Daily

90.3% of North America uses the internet daily.

Watching Video

In 2022, 82% of all traffic will be people watching video.

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With shorter attention spans, marketers have only 2.7 seconds to get the attention of their audience.


1 billion hours of video is viewed every day.


50% of people watch a video before deciding to take action.

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Over 500 hours of new video is uploaded every minute.

That level of traffic and competition to attract and retain viewers, makes partnering with a proven production expert like Big Picture more important than ever.

Big Picture Knows Social Media

Part of our job is to track trends and explore options for our clients, and ourselves. We constantly test the waters and experiment with creative solutions for each new development in video production.

One steady trend is customizing frame sizes to maximize impact on individual platforms and viewing devices. How does that work with one video? Here's an example of our Social Media Promo in all three frame sizes.

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Play Video
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You have a story to tell, a product to sell, or a message to share.

Here are the most common styles of video and percentage for how often organizations produce each one.

Explainers - 73%

An explainer video is a short video, typically 30 seconds to 3 minutes, which explains something in a clear, fun, and engaging way. Explainer videos can include 2D or 3D animation, whiteboard motion, kinetic typography, or live action.

Social Media - 67%

The best social media videos are short stories, 10 seconds to 2 minutes in length, capturing viewer attention within the first 3 seconds, ending with a strong call to action. Most of the viral videos you’ve seen represent this style of production.

Presentations - 51%

The typical presentation video brings infographics or PowerPoint style presentations to life with animated graphics, music, narration, and video.

Sales Videos - 41%

From selling your brand, introducing your staff, to directly selling a product, service, or message… sales videos provide the greatest impact for direct social media marketing.

Video Ads - 41%

With social media, you can produce your own 15, 30, or 60 second ads for posting on your channels, or directly buying pay-per–click ads.

Additional production styles include:

One style may represent your organization better than others, but creating a variety of videos using different production styles will help keep your brand fresh, while keeping your audience engaged.

Not clear about what type of videos you should produce? Big Picture has an experienced, expert staff available to partner with you to focus your effort and maximize your potential.

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Viewers retain 95% of your message when watching a video.

Simple text only provides one layer of information, while video combines visual, audio, and motion to offer three layers of detail for the human mind to absorb. These senses are tied to our primal brain and can create a personal visceral experience when executed properly.

Once you establish an emotional connection with your audience, they’ll be much more receptive to your message.

The experienced video production team at Big Picture, Inc. is committed to becoming your video advocate, working with you every step of the way to create the best possible video content to maximize your message and brand.

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Creating content without motivation is sure to fail.

You’re ready to produce your latest video, but run into that first big hurdle; Writing the script. Many focus on where to start, when you should begin with where you want to end. Having a clear call-to-action helps create the motivation and journey to get there.

Partnering with an experienced video professional can help overcome the many challenges throughout the production process. After 20-years in business, Big Picture can support your vision and goals in the most efficient and effective way.

Attracting new visitors and keeping current ones requires a steady stream of quality fresh content. To establish, enhance, and retain brand loyalty, you need videos with a creative and thoughtful direction.


Big Picture, Inc.

“Happy Brand Campaign”

Taking advantage of the vertical video format, we produced a series of 10-30 second branding promos to highlight the happy and fun side of Big Picture. These are meant to simply put a quick smile on the viewer’s face, helping them to break up their days with little rays of video sunshine.

Designated Drinker Show

Designated Drinker Show

“Drink Mix Recipe Series”

From the popular audio podcast, we enjoyed the opportunity to visually bring to light some of their most delicious craft cocktails! Utilizing a quick fire video style while keeping videos to under sixty-seconds, we applied the Designated Drinker Show look and branding to bring fun and excitement to each delicious demonstration. Utilizing overhead cameras matched to our mains, we were able to vary up the scenes in rapid pace to add visual interest to the finished video series.


Big Picture, Inc.

“The Gingerbread Man”

As the holidays rolled around, we remembered the classic stories of everything from Santas to snowmen, reindeer to Rudolf. It was then that we realized that the culinary staple of the Gingerbread Man got short shrift in fairy tale folklore. So, BPI’s Senior Editor Tony Knoss composed an original song and story of what this character brings to any table he visits, and then animated our very own Gingerbread Man. He dances, he sings, he gyrates, and he brings deliciousness to any party he’s invited to!

Rallye For Vets

Rallye for Vets


Telling the Rallye for Vets story was one of our favorite projects. RFV is a unique charity that brings classic and sports car owners together with veterans from all Armed Services to compete in timed road races. The races are sponsored through donations pledged and the results help to raise money for needy veterans. RFV literally has paid mortgages, utilities, and more to veterans from all branches of the United States Armed Services. Big Picture’s very own Director of Production Matt Gottshalk spearheaded this video, and is currently working on a client requested sequel.

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