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Each video we make is a hands-on custom treat! For example, here are a few of our special edition holiday videos, including The Gingerbread Man.

Video success requires experts with experience.

We’re at the tipping point in video production, where the minimal cost of entry with cell phones and laptops can make basic video production available to everyone. But having the experience, skill and talent to create an effective and powerful production viewers will enjoy is something else.

Video production is a delicate, multi-disciplined balance of scriptwriting, creative imagery, interpersonal communication, marketing psychology, visual art and science, graphic design, computer expertise, and project management. All the moving parts of your video must work together like a well-tuned orchestra to achieve maximum harmony. From the producer, director, cinematographer, the script, actors, narrators, and production crew… to the cameras, studio, lights, and microphones, the computers, software, editors, and graphic designers, your final video will only be strong as the weakest link.

Partner with a proven production team of experienced experts.

Beyond the technical aspects of quality production, investing time, effort, and talent to craft a video is essential. When you have a strong script, you don’t need an over-the-top Hollywood production. Every video should start by telling a story, introducing authenticity, and offering personality.

Whatever your video message and goals are, the key basic elements to include in any production are:

A Focused Message

Simple Storytelling




The most effective videos take the lead through engaging storytelling, eliminating the need to shock and awe, wow and pizzazz with fancy camera work, flashy graphics, or music to distract.

The Top 10 Video Trends for 2022

Micro Videos

The popularity of TikTok has sparked the rise of micro videos. One visual message or feeling in 5-10 seconds for use as an ad or social media post.

Video Podcasts

With everything going video, podcasts are now doing the same. They can range from a few minutes to full-length programs.

Live Stream Events

The “anything can happen” appeal of going live adds a layer of authenticity and honesty. It also allows instant interactive Q&A with your viewers.

Social Media Stories

You can add interactive depth while focusing on the storytelling of your video. They can be a single video or series, and vary from short to long-form.


Taking the traditional blog and converting it into a video presentation similar to a single story presentation or newscast.

Flash Video Ads

As attention spans shorten, so does the time we have to capture that attention. 5-15 second ads are part of the solution.

Vertical Video

When 66% of internet video is viewed with mobile devices, it can make sense to present a video in the vertical format.


Streaming your seminar can be a cost-effective way to expand your audience. You can charge a fee for access or allow access for free.

Personalized Videos

Instead of writing an email or letter, personalized videos are created for individual people or small groups. The best example of this is Cameo.

Interactive Demonstrations

Think Home Shopping Network for your product or service, providing a live demonstration while viewers chat questions for you to respond to in real-time.

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