Do you like what Big Picture is doing and want to be part of the fun?

We work on a project by project basis, hiring the best talent as needed, to meet the goals of each production. If you would like to be considered for future projects, here’s what you should do:

Freelance Positions

If you live in the Northern Virginia area and would like to be considered for future freelance positions, please send your resume and demo reel(s) to:

Types of the most common Freelance Positions we hire for:

Camera Operators

Experienced with 4K BMD formats, working with directors, directing on-camera talent, professionally lighting a scene (with full blocking and edging techniques), capturing a variety of multi-level audio sources, various support options (static as well as mobile platforms: dollies, cranes, jibs, sliders, etc.)

Audio Engineers

Experienced with a wide variety of audio challenges and miking techniques including concealed wireless placement, field audio (with boom and mixer proficiency for camera follows), in-studio (with multiple channels of lavalier and boom options), mixing to provide discrete feeds to all camera and master switcher feeds, and field and studio sound treatment remedies.

Graphic Designers / Animators

Experienced working with and without direction as project needs dictate, the ability to tailor output to timed delivery requirements, and the proficiency to collaborate and work with others in technical-focused scenarios.

Production Assistants

Experienced (both mentally and physically capable) with working as part of a cohesive team in different studio and on-location environments, the ability to become proactive in anticipating and supporting the needs of other production personnel, and a sense of professionalism with regard to punctuality, integrity, and problem solving to ensure smooth production environments.

Assistant Producers

Experienced with corralling and riding herd over the myriad of daily changing tasks that encompass full spectrum video production, including talent casting and coordination, location scouting, permitting, logistics for field and in-studio production, and continuity and communication for each and every crew member involved in various active productions.

Talent Positions

If you’re an experienced actor, spokesperson, or model looking to audition for one of our future productions, please send your contact info and links to demo reel(s) to

Types of the most common Talent Positions we hire for:

On-Camera Actors

Experienced with taking direction and adapting to creative input on-set. Comfortable in working with teleprompter. Ability to work with directorial blocking and hit designated marks as requested. Flexibility to work both on-location and in-studio. Also please note any additional skills you may have that lend themselves to certain on-camera talent options (choreography, dance, martial arts, driving, proper use of firearms, singing, etc.)

Spokespeople, Influencers, & Subject Matter Experts

If you possess credentials in any of these key areas, we’d like to hear from you. Sample reel(s) are especially helpful in evaluating your work and help us match you up to clients needing any of these skills.

Narrators & Voiceover Artists

Experienced with professional enunciation and reading in studio environments while taking direction. Also please note any dialect, character voices, and accents you may be capable of. Demo reel(s) should show whatever ranges you are interested in (long form / narrative, short form, dramatic, technical, etc.


Experience working in either still, video, or both mediums. Your reel(s) and photos(s) should show the range of styles you are capable of and comfortable with.



We hire on-camera and VO talent for both English and non-English roles. If you are proficient in more than one language, please let us know so that we can provide additional opportunities toward your talents.


We hire in ALL age ranges and ethnicities, as we have a consistently wide range of needs for our productions.


Reliable transportation is required of all talent.


Punctuality, professionalism, and clear communication practices are mandatory.