How Does TikTok Compare to YouTube

TikTok vs YouTube - Which is Best For Your Company

It’s no surprise that video content is taking over the social media world. Although most social media platforms offer video, the question is:

What is the best platform to host video content on?

The most talked about battle in the video sharing platform is TikTok vs. YouTube. When it comes to which is more popular, these two stand neck and neck. With both platforms constantly competing for your attention, let's take a look at how these two compare.

What is TikTok?

TikTok caters to short videos averaging about 45 seconds on absolutely every topic. Although TikTok recently expanded its maximum length to ten minutes, the top performing videos average 15-30 seconds.

The most talked about battle in the video sharing platform is TikTok vs. YouTube. When it comes to which is more popular, these two stand neck and neck.

TikTok has over one billion active users all over the world, and the number continues to grow. With more than 70 million users in the United States, viewership consists of nearly equal numbers across all demographics ages 10-49.

TikTok is owned by ByteDance, the Chinese tech company which originally released the infamous video sharing service in 2006 and had a couple different names before it became TikTok. In 2017 TikTok hit the international market and became the number one downloaded app in the world by 2021.

What is YouTube?

TikTok may have the most downloaded app, but YouTube is the leading video-sharing platform in the entire world.

YouTube videos can be hours in length, giving creators more freedom to create any type of content they want. You will find videos designed to entertain, inform, sell, demonstrate, and educate. Viewers gravitate toward YouTube for the diversity of content and longer videos. In fact, the average YouTube video is 4 minutes, 20 seconds.

The very first video on YouTube was posted on April 23, 2005.

YouTube is used by many companies to grow their brand and expand their audience. Consistently creating video content for your company’s YouTube helps you reach an audience that might have never come across your business another way. To establish, enhance, and retain brand loyalty, you need videos with a creative and thoughtful direction.

TikTok may have the most downloaded app, but YouTube is the leading video-sharing platform in the entire world.
YouTube, owned by Google, has 2 billion users world-wide.
TikTok Vs YouTube

TikTok vs. YouTube: What’s the difference?

TikTok features funny and entertaining videos, with a very easy to use “swipe” interface and highly intelligent and active AI that will que new videos based on your current and past viewing habits. They can range anywhere from pranks, dance, fashion, makeup tips, singing, animals, sports, and so much more. With its short video and easy uploading experience it appeals more to the younger generation.

All you need is a smartphone to shoot video, and you can start a TikTok channel.

TikTok’s popularity was formed when users began to create video memes and following viral trends like the bottle cap challenge. Simplistic realistic challenges and trends are on the rise, and people can’t get enough of them.

Users go to YouTube to watch more lengthy videos showcasing newsreels, podcasts, science, how-to tutorials, cooking classes, and so much more. When it comes to YouTube, most of the content is more refined and tailored… and it comes to the quality of the content, YouTube beats TikTok.

All you need is a smartphone to shoot video, and you can start a TikTok channel.
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The Video User Experience

TikTok offers a more adaptable and seamless viewing experience. When you open TikTok, it begins playing videos immediately which quickly draws the user in. One of my favorite things about the app, videos continue to play and all you need to do is swipe for the next video. All of the engagement features are displayed on the video itself to engage the viewer with each video, becoming part of the experience.

YouTube hosts millions of hours of video, with 500 hours of new content uploaded every minute and 5 billion views every day, the platform is showing its age when it comes to the user experience. You must search for the video you want, click on it to view, click it again to make it full screen, then exit the full screen to click on the next video.

How Does TikTok and YouTube Monetization work?

Content creators can make money on both TikTok and YouTube in just a few taps. Thanks to YouTube’s parent company, Google, ads are much more integrated into the platform than TikTok.

Because videos are very short, TikTok doesn’t run ads during videos themselves. Instead, they run them between video views and you can skip them by simply scrolling to the next video.

When it comes to content creators, brands can sponsor TikTokers to post demonstrations, tutorials, offer reviews, and perform unboxing reveals of new products.

Creators can earn money directly through the app using TikTok’s Creator Fund if their profile has more than 10,000 followers and has at least 100,000 video views in the last 30 days.

While YouTube subscribers trust creators' opinions and can learn about new products quickly, how ads are delivered has also become outdated.

Creators Cash

YouTube allows creators to insert multiple ads within the same video, which leads to content being interrupted and causes distractions.

YouTube does pay creators directly through YouTube ad revenue, offering qualified content creators a percentage share of revenue from every ad.

The Bottom Line

TikTok is known to provide a passive viewing experience to its users while YouTube allows more active participation of its users. Both platforms give content creators the opportunity to be successful. For the user, YouTube seems to have more ads that interrupt the content.

TikTok is best for young creators whereas YouTube is an ever-lasting video content sharing platform. Posting video content on your company's YouTube channel is a great way to build your audience, engagement, and overall enhance your company's brand.

TikTok and YouTube can't truly compare, as they offer very different videos. Let’s discuss which platform suits your interests or business the best.

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